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Loan 15,000 euros without payroll: quote and online installment calculation

What should you do to get a 15,000 euro loan without a paycheck? This is one of the questions that many people ask themselves when they are looking for a medium-sized loan and they realize that banks and finance companies have set precise requirements for granting credit to their customers. Being able to convince the credit institution to provide the loan without being able to present an income document can be a really complicated undertaking, but not impossible: let’s see what are the possible ways, how to get a quote and how to calculate the online installment.

Loans without payroll of 15,000 euros, the requirements: who can request them?

Loans without payroll of 15,000 euros, the requirements: who can request them?

Before granting a loan, credit institutions try to ensure that the applicant is able to repay the sums granted: for this reason they have set requirements that may differ slightly from bank to bank, but which are in principle:

  • residence in Italy;
  • age of at least 18 years at the time of the request and maximum 70 or 75 years at the expiry of the repayment plan;
  • immaculate credit history (therefore the applicant must not be reported as protested or as a bad payer);
  • presence of a provable income.

To accept that the applicant is equipped with all these requisites, in addition to checking the databases to know his past as a debtor, the credit institution expects that together with the loan application a copy of the identity document, a copy of the tax code and a copy of the income document.

It is precisely the need to present an income document that creates many doubts about the possibility of obtaining a loan without a pay slip, especially for small amounts like the one that interests us in this case (we remind you that the objective is to obtain a loan from 15000 euros). But all is not lost: as we shall see in the course of the article there are still possible ways to go to be able to convince the bank to grant the loan. First, however, a clarification is needed: we talk about a loan without a pay slip, but in reality the credit institutions speak more generally about an “income document”. This means that not only the employees who receive the pay packet each month (or the document that the employer delivers to his employee when he pays his salary and which summarizes some data on the job position and the composition of the salary) they can submit a normal application for funding: pensioners can also do so by sending their final pension slip and self-employed workers to the bank by submitting their last tax return.

How to get a 15,000 euro loan without a pay slip

How to get a 15,000 euro loan without a pay slip

Despite this enlargement of the concept of an income document, there are still many categories that may be interested in a loan without a pay slip: many may think that only unemployed people may want such a loan, but this is not the case. Let’s think, for example, of housewives, students, young people who want to start a business, atypical workers and illegal workers; we talk about many, many people ! What can they do to get the € 15,000 loan without a paycheck? The solutions can be different, even if with different success rates: alternative guarantees can be used, you can try looking for other forms of loan, you can also check the various tenders for subsidized or non-repayable loans for those who want to give life to a new entrepreneurial project, but in the end the option that gives more chance of reaching the goal is the one that foresees the presence of the guarantor. But let’s go in order and try to analyze the various solutions one by one.

Alternative guarantees for loans without payroll of € 15,000

Let’s start with the so-called alternative guarantees, or rather those guarantees with which the applicant tries to convince the bank to be able to repay the sums requested even in the absence of a demonstrable labor income. Whoever thinks of a mortgage on a property that is owned is out of the way: we are talking about moderate amounts, much lower than the value of the property offered as a guarantee, so it would be a partial mortgage and in case of non-payment by the debtor the bank would do no small effort to get back the money lent; for this reason it is very difficult for credit institutions to accept a mortgage on a property as a guarantee for a loan of 15,000 euros without a pay slip.

Then there are the people who can prove that they have a constant and regular income, such as the financial income of an investment, the rent paid each month by the tenants for a property that is being leased, the maintenance fee paid by the tenant. ‘former spouse and so on. In this case there is some more possibility that the loan application can be taken into consideration by the bank, but its acceptance is always very difficult (in any case, it is evaluated individually).

Other forms of financing without pay for € 15,000 loans

If you are unable to obtain a normal loan from banks and finance companies, other solutions can be considered. Private lending is a valid alternative: there are now authorized platforms with which it is possible to obtain this type of financing, but even in this case it is necessary to present some form of guarantee; perhaps asking for money on loan from relatives and friends it is possible to get advantageous conditions, but not everyone knows about people who have the possibility to deprive themselves of 15,000 euros; asking for money from outsiders and outside controlled channels is not a good idea.

The loan on pawn can be considered a form of loan without a pay slip, since no income document must be presented: a valuable item is pledged and a certain amount is received, which must be returned on expiry, otherwise it is lost the value of the good; unfortunately with this form of financing it is not possible to obtain high amounts, the sums paid are always much lower than the value of the object committed, the interest rates are quite high and the deadlines very limited (one cannot go beyond the year). Considering all these aspects we can say that it is not the right way to get the loan from 1500 euros without payroll.

Lately it has returned to speak often of the loan changes without a pay slip of 15 thousand euros: they can be requested by anyone (even by bad payers and protesters) and allow to obtain even high amounts in a very short time. They differ from other loans because the repayment is made through the payment of bills of exchange on a monthly basis. Even if it seems to be back in fashion, this loan should be considered only as a last resort because it has several negative aspects: the interests are high, the costs of the operation are high and above all the bills are executive credit, so in case of non-payment (even of a single installment the creditor can proceed with the protest and the attachment of the debtor’s assets, without having to wait for a ruling by the court.

Those who need a loan without a pay slip to start a new business should also consider the calls for subsidized loans (or even non-repayable loans ) granted thanks to European funds. Taking a tour of the Invitalia website (the agency that deals with the management of these calls) it is possible to find the various solutions available and the requirements necessary to access them. For example SmartStart Italia is destined for the nine start-ups, Resto al Sud is designed for the new entrepreneurial initiatives of the under-46s in the regions of Southern Italy, Zero-rate New Businesses is aimed at young people up to the age of 35 and women who want to become entrepreneurs, Selfiemployment finance small businesses promoted by NEET up to 29 years.

Loans from 15 thousand euros without pay slip with guarantor: who is and what requirements must have

Loans from 15 thousand euros without pay slip with guarantor: who is and what requirements must have

But let’s get back to the classic personal loans: the best way to get a 15,000 euro loan without a paycheck is to find a person willing to act as guarantor. Anyone who accepts to fill this role knows that he undertakes to pay the repayment installments to the credit institution in the event that the principal debtor proves to be in default. Naturally the guarantor must be a person on whose reliability and solidity the bank cannot have doubts, therefore it must respect very precise requirements: it cannot be over 70 or 75 years old, it must have a good demonstrable income, it must not be a bad payer or protested and if it is also the owner of a building or a good fortune certainly does not hurt.

Moreover, if the bank already has funds or other types of withholding in progress, it will ensure that they do not impair its ability to pay installments. In most cases the person who agrees to act as guarantor is a family member (the most common cases are those of the parent who acts as guarantor for the child or the husband who acts as guarantor for the wife or vice versa), but this is an absolutely irrelevant aspect for credit institutions: the two can also be unknown to each other. We have said that the presence of a guarantor greatly increases the chances that the loan application without a pay slip will be accepted, but there cannot be absolute certainty: as always the bank will evaluate case by case.

Estimate and online payment of an installment for a 15,000 euro loan without a pay slip

Estimate and online payment of an installment for a 15,000 euro loan without a pay slip

Who can find a person willing to act as guarantor can access the funds on “normal” terms. Let’s take a look at the proposals for a 15,000 euro loan without a pay slip by examining the budget of the most renowned institutions and see how to calculate the online installment.

The Agos proposal for loans of 15,000 euros without payroll

Let’s start with the Agos proposal: a 15,000 euro loan without a pay slip and a guarantor can be repaid in:

  • 12 months with installments of € 1,323.20, with TAN 6.91% and TEG 11.71%;
  • 24 months with installments of € 684.40, with TAN 6.91% and TEG 9.69%;
  • 36 months with installments of € 471.80, with TAN 6.92% and TEG 8.98%;
  • 48 months with installments of 365.70 euros, with TAN 6.91% and TEG 8.61%;
  • 60 months with installments of 302.30 euros, with TAN 6.91% and TEG 8.40%;
  • 72 months with installments of € 260.20, with TAN 6.92% and TEG 8.25%;
  • 84 months with installments of 230.20 euros, with TAN 6.91% and TEG 8.13%;
  • 96 months with installments of € 207.90, with TAN 6.91% and TEG 8.05%;
  • 108 months with installments of € 190.60, with TAN 6.91% and TEG 7.98%;
  • 120 months with installments of € 176.90, with TAN 6.91% and TEG 7.93%.

To do the online payment calculation and get other quotes just go to the official website and use the simulator. The loan can be requested online by calling 800134860 ​​or by going to a branch.

Compass solutions for a personal loan of 15,000 euros without payroll

The second proposal we are considering is that of Compass; on the official website it is possible to calculate the installment, but in this case the simulator is slightly different, given that for each search it indicates only the solutions available based on the amount requested and the amount of the preferred monthly commitment. For example those who want a loan of 15,000 euros without payroll and with guarantor and want to face a monthly expense of about 265 euros can return it in 68 months with installments of 263.95 or in 84 months with installments of 264.13 euros, with TAN 5.90% and 10.90% respectively and APR of 6.87% and 12.22%. If instead you want to face a monthly expense of around 350 euros you can choose between a repayment plan in 50 months with installments of 344.20 euros and one of 56 months with installments of 348.07, with TAN ranging from a minimum of 5.90% to a maximum of 10.90% and an APR ranging from 7.08% to 12.46%. Compass loans can be requested online or at a branch.

Loan of 15,000 euros without payroll: Astrofinance quote

The last quote we check is that of Astrofinance; the 15000 euro loan without pay slip and with guarantor can be returned in:

  • 18 months with installments of € 873.60, with a TAN of 6.01% and an APR of 6.18%;
  • 24 months with installments of € 664.90, with a TAN of 6.01% and an APR of 6.18%;
  • 30 months with installments of € 539.80, with a TAN of 6.01% and an APR of 6.18%;
  • 36 months with installments of 456.40 euros, with TAN 6.01% and APR 6.17%;
  • 42 months with installments of € 397.00, with TAN 6.02% and APR 6.19%;
  • 48 months with installments of € 352.40, with a TAN of 6.01% and an APR of 6.18%;
  • 54 months with installments of € 317.80, with TAN 6.02% and APR 6.19%;
  • 60 months with installments of 290.10 euros, with 6.01% TAN and 6.18% APR;
  • 66 months with installments of € 274.60, with TAN 7.01% and APR 7.24%;
  • 72 months with installments of € 255.90, with TAN 7.02% and APR 7.25%;
  • 78 months with installments of 240.00 euros, with TAN 7.01% and APR 7.24%.

You can do other simulations with online payment calculation directly from the site. The loan can always be requested through the website, by calling 848844999 or by going to a financial sales point.

Loan with a pay slip

The awarding of a loan is always a matter of trust. It is true that banks are very careful about who they are lending to and with whom they would rather not cooperate. But in the end the gut feeling still has to make the final decision.

Because even if all the documents should speak for a loan, this does not mean that the customer is really creditworthy. Therefore, many banks decide not only on the documents and the calculations, which were determined on the basis of the documents, but also always on how the customer when borrowing, what he wants to do with the money from the loan and what his own conditions linked to borrowing.

It’s not possible without trust


Even if the banks look and examine very closely, in the end it is still about people who lend the loan and want to take out the loan. If the chemistry is not right, taking the loan will be very difficult. And it does not matter whether you are looking for a loan with a pay slip or a loan, which is also possible with a mini job.

Nevertheless, as a customer, you should not just rely on its charisma and think that you can definitely get the loan on land with it. The conditions for admission must also be right. At least on the whole.

Implement the loan with a pay slip

Implement the loan with a pay slip

Generally you have to have a good private credit for borrowing. If it does not fit, there will be no credit. These are the facts with which one must be able to arrange oneself. Everything else can be adjusted accordingly and discussed with the banks. Even if you look for a loan with a pay slip.

The problem with a payroll loan is that you have only one and not multiple payslips that you can provide the bank with regard to creditworthiness. Now it may be that the bank says because of this fact that it does not lend and the prospect must wait until he works long enough in the company to submit several payslips. But it can also be that the bank is satisfied with this one pay slip. This can be the case when working as a civil servant or in the civil service. Or if you include a co-applicant to take out the loan.

Consumer credit

Consumer credit

In addition, one can strive for a consumer credit. This is easily possible as a loan with a pay slip. Most of the time, even this one bill does not have to be presented. If you tell them that you have enough money every month, it will be enough for the traders who grant such a loan. From which sources this revenue comes is not really relevant.

And the credit can also be taken as a loan with a pay slip. This is usually set up when you open a checking account. The bank wants to see a pay slip to know exactly how much the receipts will be in the account. This is based on the amount of the installed dispos. The credit line can then be called up when it is needed. Due to the very high interest rates, it is recommended to use this type of loan only when it is really necessary. In addition, you should use it only briefly so that the costs are not too high. Otherwise, any other loan can be taken up as long as you have a co-applicant who has more than one pay slip.

Loan with vehicle registration

The vehicle registration document serves as proof of the registration of a motor vehicle for use on public roads. It contains information about the vehicle identification number, the license plate associated with the owner and the general type approval. The details of the owner in the vehicle registration actually refer to the public responsibility for the respective vehicle, so that a transfer of ownership would be possible without handing over the document. However, the case law confirmed by the Federal Court of Justice states that the good faith acquisition of a motor vehicle is only possible if the buyer also receives the vehicle registration document. Thus, the vehicle registration is due to the consistent case law as confirmation of a security transfer, the effectiveness of which already occurs by the corresponding clause in the purchase contract.

The deposit of the vehicle registration document is possible, since its entrainment is not prescribed during the journey. The storage of the vehicle letter in the car is insurance even considered negligence, as it allows the sale of the car after a theft. The vehicle registration document is also referred to as a vehicle registration document, vehicle registration card or type certificate. The official name since 2005 is the registration certificate Part II, while the vehicle registration document to be carried on each trip is referred to as a Part I registration certificate. In colloquial language, the official name has barely prevailed, so that continues to be spoken mainly by the vehicle registration. This even applies to clauses in car loan agreements. A vehicle registration document can be taken in two different ways.

The car loan with deposit of the vehicle letter

The car loan with deposit of the vehicle letter

The typical loan with vehicle registration is the financing of the car purchase. The credit agreement usually includes not only a vehicle security transfer clause until full repayment of the loan, but also the agreement that the Part II registration certificate must be deposited with the bank by that date. In this way, the financial institution ensures that the borrower does not sell the vehicle without his express permission. Since the credit for a vehicle purchase with a vehicle registration certificate, as opposed to traditional consumer credit, is secured by the transfer of ownership and thus by the financed object, significantly lower interest rates than with ordinary loans are possible.

Autobank banks offer the cheapest interest rates on a mortgage backed loan, often encouraging the sale of previously low sales models through further interest rebates. However, the buyer can only negotiate a notable discount if he receives the credit with a vehicle registration document from an independent commercial bank and therefore counts as a cash payer in the dealership. The car loan can be arranged with and without down payment, the latter can also be made by selling the old vehicle to the dealer. Also possible is the partial loan financing of the car and the agreement to pay a final installment. An increasingly popular form of vehicle-lending credit is three-way financing. It combines the benefits of debt financing with those of a leasing contract and, in addition to paying or refinancing the final installment, allows the buyer to return the car to the contract end.

The vehicle letter loan as a variant of the mortgage loan

The vehicle letter loan as a variant of the mortgage loan

The use of an already fully paid own car as a pledge is possible if the pawnbroker has enough space. However, it has the disadvantage that the car is not available before the deposit release. New offers for a credit with a vehicle registration allow the use of a paid-off car as a pledge and at the same time its further use by the owner. At the same time they are significantly cheaper than traditional loaner’s loans for a car. Actually, only a few online financial institutions offer the credit with a vehicle registration document; in addition, when borrowing, the vehicle owner can ask whether the security transfer of his vehicle leads to a credit enhancement and thus to reduced interest rates.

The loan with security transfer of the paid-off vehicle is issued without earmarking. When calculating the possible amount of credit, the institution assumes the resale value, although the Schwacke list is generally accepted as correct, even if these are not legally binding values. If the vehicle is not covered by a fully comprehensive insurance, the holder must take out such a cover so that the collateral remains not only after a possible theft of the car but also after an accident caused by the borrower. As with the financing of a car purchase, the lender may use the car, if the customer does not repay the installment for a loan with a vehicle registration without earmarking as agreed and does not respond to reminders. Since banks are primarily interested in repaying the loan and not in the realization of the car, they usually agree to change the repayment plan if the borrower requests it on time, or at least after receiving a first reminder.

Loan for Implants

Implants are often a necessity in the dental field for health reasons. However, for you as a patient this can be a big problem: in many cases, not only is the process of onset very painful, but also the financial challenge associated with the treatment.

Implants can quickly cost more than 10,000 euros. In fact, treatment costs in the amount of about 15,000 euros are not uncommon. Regrettably, the statutory funds take only a fraction of these sums. For you, this means that you need a loan for implants. However, people who have a need to do so often start looking in the wrong place. We want to protect you from this error.

Credit for Implants: Is funding available through dentures?

Credit for Implants: Is funding available through dentures?

Dentists do not fool themselves when it comes to the cost of implant placement. Very few people have savings or have a suitable private insurance that could alleviate the financial pain. Dentists used to lend personally in the past. Meanwhile, the Dentists have stopped this practice because it was too expensive for them. Instead, they work with funding partners who provide the funds for the implants loan.

In many cases, this is still the best way for you to get the loan: the application is comparably simple. If you do not have a bad scoring at the protection association for general credit protection (private credit), you will get the money mostly. The interest rates are also comparably low with the alternatives.

Credit for implants from a bank

Credit for implants from a bank

Most banks do not have a specialized loan for implants. You have to take a personal or consumer loan there. These are the non-earmarked loans of the banks, which you can use at your own discretion. Good for you is that the loan amounts and repayment periods are usually very flexible. However, there are also downsides: the interest rates are very high in comparison. In addition, your creditworthiness (credit rating) is usually reviewed sharply. You should not have any problems with the private credit.

Receive credit for implants through a mortgage lender

Receive credit for implants through a mortgage lender

If you can not get a loan in the form of a dentist financing and you are not lucky enough to have a bank, you can ask for help from a mortgage lender. For example, the loan platform Maxda would be suitable on the Internet. It is positive for you that the brokers can provide loans even in difficult cases. Difficulties with the private credit can be elegantly avoided in this way. For the interest rates climb again. Two-digit values ​​are unfortunately not the exception, but the rule.

Payday loan: types of project financing

To enable many households to keep a balanced financial budget, more and more financial organizations are now offering loan offers, such as payday loans or loan consolidation . For many households, these loans are an alternative to make their projects easier. However, even if the payday loan of many benefits, not all projects are financeable by this type of credit. The repurchase of credit also allows to benefit from a less expensive interest rate.

The principle of payday loan

The principle of personal loan

It’s not always easy to save money when you have a lot of money every month.  settle. For lack of economy, it is sometimes difficult or impossible for some households to achieve projects often essential but involve large budgets. There are also some people who simply want to save money to plan for any unforeseen expenses or to save for the future. In this case, what solution is offered to individuals who do not have a cash budget to finance a major purchase or an essential project? This is the very idea of ​​the payday loan that allows individuals to make purchases or carry out a project without mobilizing their savings.

  • What are the criteria for having the right to subscribe to a credit?
  • What is a profit assignment?
  • How to choose the repayment term for the credit?
  • Difference between a loan and a mortgage?
  • With my new credit, I would like to consolidate my loans.

Finance a project

Finance a project

These consumers obtain credit from the bank or a financial institution, in exchange for a monthly repayment that also includes the interest required by the bank. With the payday loan , the amount of the monthly payment and the interest rate are usually fixed.

However, to be sure to choose the most advantageous credit offer, it is important to refer to the TAEG, an essential information that tells you the total cost of a loan. We find this information in any loan offer that can be found on the internet, on a poster or by the press … If the payday loan is for individuals, what kind of project can we finance with this type of loan? credit?